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Three years after the release of 'Into The Light', we are glad to release our second album on October 21st 2016 via our label Finisterian Dead End.

This new album, entitled 'LANIAKEA', is both a journey toward the origins of mankind, and a progressive and tribal experience along which we overcame our own limits. Mysteries and spiritual puzzles are also part of this journey.


released October 21, 2016

© 2016 Tribal Warming – Finisterian Dead End
All rights reserved.
Words & music by Mantra
Recorded and engineered by Arthur Lauth at Brown Bear Studio
Mastered by Ronan Cloarec at Master Lab Systems

Mantra is:
Pierre Junod - vocals
Simon Saint-Georges - guitar
Thomas Courtin - bass guitar
Gabriel Junod - drums

Guitar solo on ‘Inner Cycle’: Florian Riault
Additional vocals on ‘Inner Cycle’: Bertrand Noël
Additional vocals on ‘Visions In The Cave’: Samuel Bondon
Additional flutes: Madeleine Junod

Original artwork by Marion Dusquesne
Artwork design & layout by Chloé Dollet
Sound design by Gabriel Junod
Orchestration by Simon Saint-Georges


all rights reserved



Mantra France

Free spirit of the French metal scene, Mantra has been exploring the boundaries of progressive music for nearly 10 years. Ritual-like atmospheres on stage, shamanic or metaphysical concept-albums: the band cuts loose to give life to genuine shows, and goes as far as incorporating contemporary dance into its appearances on stage. ... more


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Track Name: Marcasite
Stone, day and night
Sky and ground
Sound and silence
Light in the dark

Still, cold and warm
Roots and leaves
Round and round
Storm of life

Signs of life
Spark of urge
Before the fire, under the souls

By the blast of breath
To burst hunger
Follow the source of blood
Thirst grows from the ground

In the moment of fear
Instinct is the only guide
A beast ready to kill
To save its own child

Each day, each night
Living nigh it
Today the sun reaches for the rocks

Spreading out of nowhere, matterless glow
Ethereal body, shaping the blow
Lighter than winds and faster than streams
Only stones can stand its burn

Each day, each night,
Living with it
A blazing flake splits the whole

Split the whole and watch the showdown

A new being is made, through the hand
Released out of control
A new spirit is created, through the head
Released out of control

By the light of the flame
Smashing the clouds
Follow the path of man
I grow out of the fire
Track Name: Inner cycle
I walk on silence, in the shadows
During days and nights
Feel and smell the way of flesh
In each moment and everywhere

Track down to find the tension to chop down
Open the bleeding source into new wakes

I see balance in everything
Nothing is lost, nothing is created
Everything is one, inner cycle

Everything in its right place
The light has come for a reason
The perfect time, the perfect place
Take the throne of blood

Nothing ever dies

All is reborn
Fractal ramification
On the same scheme everywhere
Pieces split but never spoil

Track down to find the tension to chop down
Open the bleeding source into new wakes

What you give is what you take
You're part of it
You are the wolf, you are the sheep
You're made of stones
You're everything

What you give is what you take
Too much noise
You're part of it
You are the wolf, you are the sheep
To find
You're made of stones
You're everything
Where is my inner circle
Track Name: Pareidolia
From the scars, knowledge is born
Through my fingers, new shapes arise

Deep inside my heart, in my veins
A world is born from my eyes

Seeds from the past grow in my mind
From the source, I carry the stones


Time passes, and the choice is mine
To think and create new life

I write down the time aligning the stones along the stars
Revealing the dawn and drawing the cradle of new souls

Where does my power end?
The ants are crawling forever
Building mountains
Last night, they told me the secret

Giant stones
In erection
Toward the sky, toward the sun
Toward the stars

Giant stones
To be seen
From the sky, from the sun
From the stars
Track Name: Visions in the cave
Flood of life in my brain
Blood is rushing to my head
Everything beating
To the sound of my inside drum

Here comes the blur
Here comes the faint dark

The light is fading
Colors shining
Conscience shaking
And I feel I'm not alone

The sounds are growing
Strings vibrating
Someone's watching
And I feel everything's gone

Nothing is real
But I feel I'm there
At the core of this world
In the womb of time
I am rising

Flesh and bone out of the soil
Scattering life around the world
I'm letting go where nothing dies
Into the creator’s eye

The hand takes my heart, drags me out of my mouth
And they announce themselves with signs
Pierced by spikes, the cutting up starts
Muscles swell as they scatter my bones
Encrypted light shouts symbols
Wisdom is blown through my mind

I put the pieces together
It all makes sense now
Nothing will ever be the same again
Let there be light
Track Name: Abred
The present is every moment
Between life and death
In the chasm of choice
Hidden by consciousness

Wake up
Burnt by the sun
Falling with rain
You ride the flesh

Outside the glass of the mind
Inside the blast of time

Cross the sphere and pray for me

Crawling to the sunlight
It's time to cross the layers
By a mind straight on the line
Of absolute consciousness

Duality shattering reality
Everything must be done again
This is our prison
This is our trance mission

Like a christ at the crossroads of heaven and hell
Things so real and so senseful
Steps are mountains

Animals stars travel and draw a circle over my head
And lead my way beyond time
Dance of myths, trance of filth
Thoughts, blasts, no turning back

Hands around the present, trust required
Expanding universe
Solved complexity, ruins carve my eye
Split myself in two and

Cross the sphere and pray for me

So hard to say
Burnt by the sun
So hard to see
Falling with rain
Is this just the end
You ride the flesh
Or the beginning?

Day after day
The light touches our skins
Making us older
In the eyes of the sad men
Where are all the dreams
My father used to have
Lost in the ocean of chaos
Track Name: In the wake of the millions
In the wake of the millions
And the warm waves of creation
I feel the dawn is old

How to find again the remains
And the feelings of what I have been
I see future has come
Track Name: Laniakea
My people wander at dusk
Chasing the night back in the woods
Disguised in fear, trapped in anguish
My people is invisible

Our stones bend toward the skies
Either by defiance or submission
Or is it just the adoration?
My people will always explore

When we kneel down before the fathers
We close our eyes in reverence

The ones living between us and the gods
Are the wanderers of the invisible
My people will never forget
The holy tales

A wild beast is a godhead to us
And we seize the beast with a mark on the wall
Divine drawings out of colors and shapes
And confront whatever exceeds our understanding

Connecting these worlds
We rise to a new level
We call for the gods
This is the new visible symbol

In this very moment
The passing of the sun
Illuminates with liquid light
The carving of our lives in the stone

This is where my people is born
This is where we learnt to walk
This is the place that owns our memories
A world ruled by luminaries
Track Name: Dead Sun
Melting the knowledge into one mind
Work is a treasure
Deep inside the earth, in the rock's veins
Crushing the core

The gift of the stars is revealed by the fire

Open the depth of the past
Reach for the stardust inside
To burn them again and again
Bring the dead sun back to life

Open the depth of time
Light up the embers again
Hammer the dust from the sun
Into the shapes of the mind

The gloaming is coming
It's time to guard the glimpse in the gloom
Wait for the moon to brighten up the fire

Ready to hammer
In the wave of the rough and the fond
Stone circle transcends the iron drum

Melting the knowledge into one mind

Deep down the hole, there's a burning sun
We're becoming our own creations
Melting the earth into gods and weapons
We're becoming visions in the caves

Drawing dark smoke out of the earth
Blaze and flares shoot up and burn your skin
The light so bright that you'll become blind
The hits so loud that you'll become deaf

No cliff is high enough
To satisfy my will for endless fall